Night Train Murders (1975)

Night Train Murders posterNight Train Murders (1975)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Set around the Christmas holiday, Night Train Murders is a dark rape/revenge film in the vein of Last House on the Left.  During a long train ride, a group consisting of two disturbed young men and a nymphomaniac woman torture and rape two young women.  The story is not new or original, but that doesn’t make it any less effective.  When two innocent young women are attacked by a group of nothing-less than monstrous psychopaths, you have a horror film.

The film is laid out well, with believable characters and a satisfactory set-up.  Any effects that exist, though limited, are well done.  But what really makes the movie is the plot-line.  So for those of you who enjoy films the likes of Last House on the Left, this is a great watch to add to that list of genre films.  The sexual sadism is pushed farther, and, believe it or not, the hoodlums are even more unforgiving than in the aforementioned film.

Night Train Murders

Other than what has already been said, there isn’t a lot of information or analysis I can give and still keep the review spoiler-free.  It really is as simple as this: if you enjoyed Last House on the Left and want more like it, get a hold of Night Train Murders and you won’t be disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Night Train Murders (1975)

  1. Real Queen of Horror December 5, 2011 — 6:43 pm

    >I never heard of this movie but it does seem like it'll be an awesome movie to watch around the holidays! 


  2. >Definitely a good one to watch around this time of the year, balance out all the "happiness" and "joy" lol


  3. >A good addition to the small body of giallo/horror films from Aldo Lado.  I also loved SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS.  Also, Zena's correct to assume that this is great for the holidays, as I have watched it every christmas for the last 2 years now and do plan on keeping the tradition.


  4. >Short Night of Glass Dolls is one of my favorite giallos.


  5. >I thoroughly appreciate the holiday cheer!


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