Treevenge (2008)

Treevenge posterTreevenge (2008)

[xrr rating=5/5]

Jason Eisener’s holiday horror short, Treevenge, is the perfect addition to your seasonal viewing.  The film is about a forest of trees that, after many of them have been cut down for use as Christmas trees, decide to take revenge.  Apparently, trees certainly know how to get the job done because the bloodbath that ensues is spectacular.

At the very onset of the opening credits it is obvious that Jason Eisener knows his horror.  We are graced with the theme from Cannibal Holocaust during both the opening and closing credits of the film.  What better way to start a short than with a humble salute to one of the greats.  The story sets itself up when a couple of lumberjacks charge into the forest to cut down trees.  For the first chunk of the short, the citizens of this certain town are enjoying their new trees with their old holiday traditions.  When the trees strike back, pure chaos ensues.  Eisener’s use of gore effects are classic and nothing short of brilliant.


Running at a total length of just over 15 minutes, this is a must for any horror geek’s annual holiday viewing.  In fact, personally I will watch it many times each holiday season.  Don’t miss this short.  Eisener put together the perfect holiday viewing experience for those of us who are tired of seeing A Charlie Brown Christmas twenty times each year.


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