Zombie (1979)

Zombie posterZombie (1979)

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Likely Lucio Fulci’s most popular film, and one of the greatest zombie films of all time, is Zombie.  It was released by the studio as an unofficial sequel to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (which in Italy was titled Zombi) under the original Italian title Zombi 2.  Most fans of the film know that fact, but for anyone who is or was confused: yes they are both the same movie, and no Fulci did not intend it as a sequel to anything.  The plot centers on a scientist’s studies in a new epidemic that has spread on an island in the Antilles.  The scientist’s daughter meets up with a reporter during her travels to gather information about her father’s work.  And the rest is zombie history.

Allow me to be upfront about something: this is one of my favorite films of all time.  The zombie makeup and gore effects are truly revolutionary and from this film alone it is no wonder that Lucio Fulci gained the title of the Italian ‘Godfather of Gore’.  Several scenes throughout the movie have become gorehound staples and are held at the very core of cult horror.  One such example is the infamous ‘eye’ scene.  And another, which is pictured here, is that of a zombie fighting a shark.

Zombie vs Shark
Zombie has risen to cult fame and legendary status among zombie film lovers.  Where that leaves us is with my final recommendation: watch this movie if you haven’t seen it, buy it if you don’t own it.  It will always be one of the highest on my list of recommendations.

4 thoughts on “Zombie (1979)

  1. >It's sad that I have as of yet to see this film. I really need to get on it.


  2. >Oh no!  Lol yeah I really recommend you get on that asap.  But no worries, we've all missed some of the greats.


  3. >I always go back and forth about which I prefer, The Beyond or Zombi 2… I guess I'll just have to re-watch them both again…http://zombiehall.blogspot.com/2011/12/zombi-2.htmlGreat stuff!


  4. >I couldn't agree more, those are the two that always fight for best in my mind…and City of the Living Dead tries to stick its nomination in here and there…


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