Christmas Season Massacre (2001)

Christmas Season Massacre posterChristmas Season Massacre (2001)

[xrr rating=0.5/5]

The Christmas Season Massacre is a film about a one-eyed misfit who has decided to take revenge on his schoolyard tormentors.  Six of his tormentors get together in a remote cabin, conveniently, which gives him the chance to pick them off one by one.  The plot is laid out at the beginning of the film in a 10 minute conversation between two characters, which defines one of my pet peeves: Don’t use a long soliloquy by a character in the film to develop a plot.

Now let me note, I really enjoy bad movies.  However, not this type of bad movie.  The Christmas Season Massacre is an example of a film that I suffered through only to write a review.  An atrocious script and obnoxious acting.  For example, I quote: “god damn fucking shit piss”…that is the definition of trying too hard.  The only reason that I gave this movie even half a brain is because of the gore.  The gore is decently done and excessive.  But in this case it doesn’t counterbalance the painfully horrible remaining elements of the production.

Christmas Season Massacre

The best way I can think to express my opinion of The Christmas Season Massacre is this: I’ll beat my head against the wall for 70 minutes before I’ll watch this film again.  Spare yourself, don’t bother with this movie.

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