Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

Silent Night, Deadly Night posterSilent Night Deadly Night (1984)

80’s Christmas slasher Silent Night Deadly Night is the story of a young boy who witnesses his parents murdered by a man in a Santa suit.  As a result he is put into a Catholic orphanage and raised under their strict rule.  Then, as a young man, his employer decides to make him Santa Claus, and he snaps.  In typical slasher form, when an angry psychopath is pushed to the edge, an epic killing spree begins.

This classic slasher is cheesy, gory, and full of all the usual slasher elements that fans love.  So, while it is by no means a revolutionary film, it is a great transposition of the slasher mold onto the Christmas holiday.  Obviously, the draw for most slasher fans is the kill rating…and Silent Night, Deadly Night does its kills right.  Even a deer gets its revenge.  All effects are well done and there is plenty of gore to satisfy.

Silent Night Deadly Night santa

All plot points are straight-forward and no secrets are kept.  In other words, there is no mystery to the identity of the killer, and there are no surprise twist endings.  And as slasher fans well know, these films fall into one of two categories: known killer, or unknown killer.  Overall, especially for a Christmas slasher, this is a great movie.  It’s a spot-on holiday horror tradition with lots of blood and plenty of Santa.

In the words of Grandpa: “Christmas Eve is the scariest damn night of the year!”.

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