House by the Cemetery, The (1981)

House by the Cemetery posterThe House by the Cemetery (1981)

[xrr rating=5/5]

The third and final film in the unofficial ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy is Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery.  As both the title and tagline suggest, the movie is about an old mansion that just so happens to house a psychopathic killer, and a body count.  When a young family moves into the house, they discover its secrets first-hand.

Fulci wastes no time getting this one moving.  The opening scene is that of a young woman who is alone in the house looking for her boyfriend.  Once she spots his gory remains, she’s greeted by a knife through the back of the head.  After this opening scene, we meet Bob, and trust me you won’t forget his name.  Bob’s mother is played by Catriona MacColl, who is also a lead role in the other two ‘Gates of Hell’ films, City of the Living Dead and The Beyond.

The House by the CemeteryThe House by the Cemetery is certainly a Fulci must-see, along with the rest of the ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy.  Gore abounds in the usual spectacular Fulci form, and the dubbing is as cheesy as ever.  And Lucio continues to prove that he is always creative with death sequences.  Outstanding direction and vision make this another one of the great Italian horror films.  So please take my advice and get a hold of the entire ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy.  After all, if you’ve been following along, you’ll realize that all three have a perfect 5-Brain rating in our book.  It truly is the perfect gorehound trilogy.

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