Murder Rock (1984)

Murder Rock (1984)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

In response to the success of films like Fame (1980) and Flashdance (1983), Fulci brings us his version of a dance film with Murder Rock: Dancing Death (also titled Slashdance).  Starring Olga Karlatos (Zombi 2) as the owner of a New York ballet school, the story revolves around a series of murders that seems to target the most promising dance students.  The film has a modernized giallo feel, with an emphasis on suspense and mystery.

Fulci fans will be generally disappointed with the lack of any gore, or even blood, in Murder Rock.  However, the execution of this film still gives a great Fulci feel.  The story is of typical giallo-style, containing an unknown killer with an some sort of hidden agenda.  The killer is clean, refined and creative, using only gauze in chloroform and a pin needle to off victims.  So if you intend to watch this film, I recommend that you don’t approach it expecting a standard gore-laden Fulci movie.  But from the correct perspective, I believe Murder Rock is easily an enjoyable viewing experience.

Overall, I recommend this to all Fulci fans, even as just an introduction to a different side of his film-making.  To Fulci completests who enjoyed his early giallos, Murder Rock should ring true to that style…only with dancing.  And to fans of 80’s music and culture, this one’s soaked in it.  So why not just give it a chance, it’s like totally tubular.


1 thought on “Murder Rock (1984)

  1. >I was happy to see a different side to Karlatos in this filmthan the hysterical women she portrayed in Zombi 2, though that’s a prettyhysterical picture of her that you’ve included.  I am an admirer of ‘80s pop-culture and didenjoy that different type of sensationalism from Fulci here that you mention.  The dance aerobics scene at the beginning isenough to make the film worth it altogether. I did like Lovelock in this too and the poppy guilty-pleasure music fromEmerson (Inferno-theme) that really supplemented the splashy night club dancescene quite well (which I thought was the best part 😉 ).–Giovanni


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