Aenigma (1987)

Aenigma posterAenigma (1987)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Aenigma is the story of Kathy, who is left comatose after falling victim to a mean-spirited prank.  Now she must go to supernatural lengths to exact her revenge.  When a mysterious new girl shows up to school, trouble follows her, and Kathy is able to see her enemies fall one at a time.  As a result of anything from slugs to a statue, the students begin to die off.  And Kathy laughs.

Although comatose, Kathy knows how to creatively commit murder.  The various, and completely nonsensical, forms of homicide that occur throughout Aenigma make it an enjoyable viewing experience.  For reasons which I will address below, the film does get a lot of hate from regular Fulci fans.  However, believe me, there are far worse Fulci films than this.


The reason I believe this film receives so much hate is the same reason that most of his later films are disapproved of, 1) no zombies 2) less gore and 3) no zombies.  But the fact is that the gore that does exist is quite good.  And though I know that any Fulci fan can’t speak fondly enough of his zombie films, this is simply a different style of story.  The effects and makeup do effectively create an eerie atmosphere.  In particular I’ll say that comatose Kathy resonates an aura of malice (as seen above), and anyone who is even slightly uncomfortable with bugs will be squirming at the slug scene.  Though it is a far cry from one of Fulci’s greatest films, Aenigma is still certainly an entertaining watch.

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  1. >Good analysis. I totally agree with you.


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