My Bloody Valentine (1981)

My Bloody Valentine posterMy Bloody Valentine (1981)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Closing in on Valentine’s Day in the mining town of Valentine Bluffs with an impending Valentine’s dance sets the base for My Bloody Valentine.  Enough Valentines?  It’s your typical slasher plot: an angry maniac wants revenge.  In this case that maniac is Harry Warden, who was trapped while working in the mine on Valentine’s Day during the dance 20 years before the present.  After his rescue, he took revenge on the supervisors who had abandoned him and his fellow miners that day.  Now, two decades later, when the town gets up the nerve to have a Valentine’s dance again, Harry returns.

My Bloody Valentine really is, at its core, just a typical slasher.  However, the miner scenario and obvious holiday tie-in do add something a little extra.  The mine makes a perfect dark and dismal stage for the climax.  As with several other films in 1981, the producers of this movie fought quite a battle with the MPAA and had to cut the film fairly heavily to get an R rating.  And although I have not had the chance to see the full uncut version, the R-rated version still has excellent kills and a good amount of gore.  Though there is a good amount of cheesy dialogue, the acting is above-average compared to a majority of slashers, and the production value is superb.

My Bloody Valentine

This isn’t one of my favorite slashers, but it certainly is my favorite Valentine’s Day film.  So once you’ve given your sweetheart some chocolate, pull out My Bloody Valentine for movie night.

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