Sodoma’s Ghost (1988)

Sodoma's Ghost posterSodoma’s Ghost (1988)

[xrr rating=1.5/5]

Lucio Fulci’s Sodoma’s Ghost is the story of a secluded house in the forest which, late in World War II, contained a Nazi orgy.  While the men and the prostitutes continue their party, the Allies bomb them.  Many a horror fan will see where this leads.  Nazi orgy bombed equals angry Nazi ghosts.  When a group of six teenagers stop at the house on their way to Paris, the restless spirits decide to torment them.  Unfortunately for Fulci regulars, their means of torture tends to be restricted to simple and ineffective mind games.

The acting is horrible, and combined with cheesy dubbing it makes for the usual cheese that we expect from these kind of films.  All camera effects are just as corny, including ghosts disappearing supported by what I’m sure is a sound effect intended for cartoons.  Up to this point in my analysis, it doesn’t seem all too bad for fans of schlock.  The problems lie in the fact that this is a Fulci film, and fans expect more.  Although the one memorable gore effect is well done, gore throughout the film is almost non-existent.  And the directing is just not up to Fulci’s full potential.  Plot lines and story points seem half-assed and not taken anywhere near their potential.  Overall, it is a painfully slow and boring film.

Sodoma's Ghost

All in all, if this was just another bad movie, it would be alright.  But Fulci fans expect a certain amount of thought, plot development, and gore that Sodoma’s Ghost did not have.  In my opinion, this is one of the most disappointing of Lucio Fulci’s works.  So many potentially effective plot points are cut short.  If you don’t gather exactly what I mean by that, the ending should seal it for you.  Allow me to demonstrate: alright let’s get this ball rolling…its about to get exciting…here it comes…wait for it…roll credits.

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