How to Build Your Horror Movie Collection on a Budget

Build Your Horror Movie Collection on a Budget

If you’re anything like me (or the dudes over at this great blog) you want to build your horror movie collection on a budget.  I’ve been a cheapskate my whole life, so I figured I might as well compile a how-to in order to enlighten my readers on how and where to get reasonably priced horror films.  Most of these ideas I believe are simple, so you may already know them all as common sense.  However, it’s not great financial times for any of us, so if any of these suggestions help, then take them and use them well.

BSG Tips

1. Rental Plans

It goes without saying that you’re not going to want to purchase every film that you want to watch.  So a great place to start is to sign up for Netflix.  For $8 a month you can watch the movies they have available on instant view.  And if that’s not enough, for $16 a month you can get DVD rental and instant view (that’s what I do).  It’s perfect for movie lovers.  Blockbuster has a similar program, but I have no experience with them and can’t speak for or against their system.

2. Start with Super-Budget Packs

In my view there are budget packs, and then there are super-budget packs.  Some of the best are from Mill Creek Entertainment.  They have a good selection of horror movie packs for anyone looking to simply give an immediate jumpstart to any collection.  This is how I got started, in fact their Horror Classics pack was the start of my horror movie collection back when they came in cardboard packaging rather than plastic.  A few important notes about these:  1) I don’t recommend purchasing them directly through Mill Creek as they are more easily acquired through other stores like (and usually cheaper).  2) These are not high-quality transfers of films, which is why they can be so cheap.  There are no special features, trailers, and even a very limited scene selection.  You get what you pay for, but it is a great way to quickly acquire a lot of films for your horror movie collection.  Two other great sets are Pure Terror and Chilling Classics.

3. Stick to Sets

If you can find films you want in sets, you will almost always be saving money when compared to individual pricing.  Several studios and publishers release packs that include several films, all as individual DVDs.  Some of my favorites include Something Weird Video, Blue Underground, and Shriek Show (from Media Blasters).  For example, Shriek Show offers Man From Deep River, Blood Feast 2, and Warlock Moon separately, or altogether in the Cannibal Lunchbox set that costs as much as one DVD.  Now if you prefer big-budget Hollywood movies, this tip will most likely not work in your favor.

4. Shop Used

There are plenty of options to buy used movies, and they are almost always cheaper than new.  Everyone is well aware that Amazon offers used versions of nearly everything, so it is always a great place to start.  However, there is a lot to be said for local used shops as well.  Here in Denver my favorites are Second Spin and Black & Read, which are both great for used films.  So once you’ve established that you want certain films in your collection that don’t come in any pack, look to find them used.

Well there it is, four simple tips to build your horror movie collection on a limited budget.  If anyone has experiences and tips of their own please share them below in the comments!

3 thoughts on “How to Build Your Horror Movie Collection on a Budget

  1. >These are such great recommendations but I'm so particular about my collection that I can't obey any of them. Such as those three movie pack deals, a friend gave me one because she knows I love horror films. It had Carrie, Child's Play, and the Amityville Horror. Great deal, three films for ten bucks, but I"m so picky that I'll end up buying Child's Play and Carrie separately. I also go out of my way and pay more if I prefer a different cover. Such as Suspiria. I'm sure there's much more appeal in the three disc collection but I will get the two because it has the bloody ballerina cover. I'm horrible that way.I can tell you that Blockbusters is not as good as Netflix, especially if you watch the kind of movies like we do. Their selection is limited and don't offer the more obscure films. At most they have a really horrible B-movie from 2004 before they have something like The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.


  2. >Great advice.  Thanks to those Mill Creek collections I probably have 6 or 7 copies of "Night of the Living Dead" and any other public domain horror film.  For a lot of movies those Mill Creek sets are the only legit DVD releases of some of those movies.  I didn't know that Something Weird Video was still around.  I used to buy up their whole catalog back when their stuff was on video.


  3. >Edward R. Hamilton is a good place to find horror dvds at reduced prices.  Hamilton mainly deals with books but in the last couple of years he's added dvds from Blue Underground and many other dvd companies.If you have a Big Lots in your area I suggest checking them out.  Horror dvds range from $3 to $5.I love the Mill Creek super packs.  Wal-Mart is having a special on the 50 pack collections.  I picked up 100 horror/sci-fi films for $20 this week.


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