Hell Night (1981)

Hell Night posterHell Night (1981)

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

One of Linda Blair’s lesser known horror roles is in the 80’s haunted house film, Hell Night.  When a fraternity and sorority submit their pledges to the same test for ‘Hell Night’, an overnight stay in a deserted mansion, they are in for more then they planned.  Leaders in both organizations drop in on the pledges to play some pranks, and find out that something more is going on.  The story of the mansion is that a disgraced father killed off his variously disabled children and wife one night before hanging himself.  As it would seem, more than one member of that family has joined the group of students in the mansion.

Hell Night has a classic haunted house film feel reminiscent of the early House on Haunted Hill (1959) and The Haunting (1963).  Those similarities really give a nostalgic tone to this film and give it more dimension than the standard 80’s slashers.  In fact, it’s a fusion of those classic supernatural elements with a slasher body count and gore that bring Hell Night to the forefront of underrated 80’s horror films.  The acting is surprisingly superb, with Linda Blair at the helm.  The effects and camera tricks all work very well with the flow of the film.  But the standout element is the eerie atmosphere.  So overall I eagerly recommend this film to all horror fans.

Hell Night Linda Blair

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