Ghost Galleon, The (1974)

The Ghost Galleon posterThe Ghost Galleon (1974)

[xrr rating=4/5]

The Ghost Galleon is the more widely distributed film in the Blind Dead series, though usually under the alternate title Horror of the Zombies.  This is not an indication that it is the best of the series, because it isn’t, but it still holds its own.

When two models aboard a boat get lost in the fog after they spot a large and eerie ship, their agency must send out a search team.  The team soon discovers another dimension with a 16th century galleon, and find that its passengers are none other than the undead Templar knights.

If you’re watching the Blue Underground releases of these films, as I am, this is the first in the series that you will be required to view dubbed.  The first two are available on the DVDs in two separate versions, the original Spanish versions (highly recommended because these are the uncut versions), and English dubbed and edited releases. The Ghost Galleon is only available as its English dubbed (but thankfully unedited) release.  Therefore the already poor acting is accentuated with ridiculous dubbing.  The characters are unsympathetic and the dialogue is unimpressive.  That being said, the rest of the elements of the film aren’t nearly as disappointing. 

The Ghost Galleon

The ancient galleon provides an excellently eerie atmosphere.  Although the story is far more nonsensical than that of the other Blind Dead films, the ship alone adds a new element, and a spectacular setting.  It even gives these particular Templars a pirate feel.  However, this setting also does not allow for the undead knights to make use of their zombie horses, so if that’s one of your favorite elements of these films (as it is mine) then you will have to go without for this film.  As usual, the gore is there if you wait for it, but this is most certainly not a gore-laden zombie film.  Overall, though it might be the weakest link in the series, this is still a great watch.  However, I will certainly recommend that this is not your introduction to the realm of the Blind Dead.

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