Beyond the Door II (1977)

Beyond the Door II posterBeyond the Door II (1977)

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Beyond the Door II, despite its alternate title Shockhas nothing to do with the plot from the first film.  Instead it is a Bava film (in fact it’s his last feature film) about a young family that is terrorized by a vengeful spirit in their new home.  As it would seem, the woman’s former husband’s spirit has decided to reside within the house, and soon possesses their young son.  The spirit has nothing but malicious intent and young Marco seems intent on killing his mother.

Bava creates an effective psychological horror experience with Beyond the Door II.  As is typical with psychological horror, gore is limited.  However, Bava knows how to create atmosphere and tension, and this film is no exception.  The story makes it what it is.  In fact, what turns into a strange, nearly incestuous, relationship between mother and son is actually reminiscent of the relationship between Michael and his mom in Burial Ground, but at least this time it’s caused by spiritual possession.

Beyond the Door II - Shock

Dario Argento’s long time girlfriend (and Asia Argento’s mother) Daria Nicolodi (Deep Red, Inferno) depicts Dora’s descent into madness perfectly.  This leading role gives the necessary feel of the film, and Bava’s directing does the rest.  For fans of Mario Bava’s works, this is definitely one to check out.  And for other fans of both Italian and psychological horror, don’t miss Shock.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Door II (1977)

  1. > This is one I’d like to write about someday.  It contains my favorite role from Nicolodi.


  2. >Let me know when you do, I'd love to read your analysis.


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