Beyond the Door III (1989)

Beyond the Door III poster Beyond the Door III (1989)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Beyond the Door III (a.k.a. Amok Trainis the third entry in the Beyond the Door series, though it has nothing to do with either of the other two.  This film is about a group of college students who are lured to Yugoslavia to view a satanic ritual, only to find out that they are the intended sacrifices.  When they board a train in an attempt to escape, they only find themselves in more trouble.  One of the students soon learns that she has been chosen to be the devil’s tool, and meant to bear his offspring (hence the poster).

This film is stupid, there is no way around that fact.  But call me crazy, I really like it.  The gore effects are ridiculous, and awesome, with no shortage of blood.  All the acting is terrible, but entertaining.  And the plot points and circumstances are absurd.  As a whole, this adds up to one hell of an entertaining watch for lovers of bad film.

Beyond the Door IIIOne of the best elements of this film are the deaths.  It has the spirit of a slasher, but set around an occult scenario in which all causes are supernatural.  Therefore, rather than a hulking masked man lobbing someone’s head off with a machete, a train accident lobs their head off instead.  Rather than the killer impaling a character on a pole with sheer might, an inexplicable supernatural force moves the pole to just the right position and allows inertia to take over.  So for fellow fans of all things cheesy, ridiculous, and over-the-top, give Beyond the Door III a try.  It’s bad(ly awesome), so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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