Voices From Beyond (1991)

Voices From Beyond posterVoices From Beyond (1991)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Voices From Beyond, in my opinion, is Fulci’s last good film.  It is the story of Giorgio Mainardi who, from beyond death, attempts to acquire his daughter’s assistance in determining the true cause of his passing.  At his funeral, each member of the family recalls their recent interactions with him.  Everyone becomes a suspect.  An autopsy reveals that something sinister was planned that led to Giorgio’s death.  Lucio Fulci himself makes an appearance as the medical examiner who performs the autopsy.

This film returns to Fulci’s classic formula that made his early works so incredible.  It trades cheesy digital effects and camera tricks for simple, effective storytelling and top-notch gore makeup.  And it has a few zombies…

Voices From Beyond

The story is excellent, with several twists and red herrings, and Fulci’s directing executes it perfectly.  Amidst dream sequences, memories, and the ‘voice from beyond’ which provides a bit of narration, the conspiracies are revealed.

Part of what I have always loved about Fulci’s directing is that he uses frequent suspension of reality.  Whether it is through dreams, nightmares, or just circumstances that are so fucked up there is no reality, he suspends reality and then hits full force with whatever gore and horror he feels like adding.  In this film’s case, most of the suspension of reality is through dreams, which give proper bearings for the elements of Fulci’s brand of horror.  I’ll put it bluntly: there are a lot of Fulci’s later films that are mediocre or less, but Voices From Beyond stands above them.  So for all you Fulci fans that stuck with it through the crap, this one should satisfy.

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