Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)

Mad Doctor of Blood Island posterMad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Mad Doctor of Blood Island is the second film in the Blood Island trilogy, and the first to begin with the ‘green blood oath’.  This film sees the return of John Ashley in a leading role, however as a different character, Dr. Bill Foster.  When Dr. Foster and company travel to the island, they run into a green monster that enjoys ripping his victims apart (most literally).  The element of a hostile, mutated nature is far less prevalent here than it was in Brides of Blood, though there are still a few moments.  Instead, the focus is on the singular green monster that terrorizes the village.

Mad Doctor of Blood IslandThe first half of the film is pretty slow, with only a few interspersed moments of action.  When the monster’s victims begin to turn up, any gore fan will squeal with delight.  All other exploitation elements are plentiful.  But this film does what most exploitation films don’t: builds a spectacular amount of atmosphere.  The setting certainly helps, since the jungles of the Philippines provide a foreign and exotic backdrop.  All the atmosphere of the location is just amplified by the addition of dismal lighting and frequent fog.

Overall, Mad Doctor of Blood Island is a must-see exploitation gem.  It’s cheesy as hell, gory enough, and contains a perfect atmosphere.  I didn’t mention it in my review of Brides of Blood, but one of my favorite aspects of these films is the music.  The soundtrack consists of eerie, catchy tribal music with a great vocal track.  So drink up to the green blood oath, and check out this film.

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