Beast of Blood (1971)

Beast of Blood posterBeast of Blood (1971)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Beast of Blood begins where Mad Doctor of Blood Island left off: on a boat.  John Ashley returns as Dr. Bill Foster, only this time, the natives are not so welcoming.  On top of the problems with the natives, the monster from the previous film has been decapitated, but remains kept alive in separate pieces by the mad Dr. Lorca.  And all the while, John Ashley, as usual, gets the girl(s).  Eddie Romero takes the sole director chair in this third entry.

This final film in the Blood Island trilogy is not the best of the three, but it certainly brings an interesting new take on the situation.  Dr. Lorca’s lab resembles a (slightly) more sophisticated device than what we see in The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.  There’s certainly a good bit of gore, and plenty of exploitation.  The atmosphere, however, falls significantly short of the atmosphere in Mad Doctor of Blood Island.  Instead, Beast of Blood focuses on a strange story and mad scientist laboratory.

Beast of Blood

Although it isn’t the best entry in the series, Beast of Blood is still an entertaining watch.  Cheesy: yes.  Gory: mostly.  Weird: certainly.  But most of all, it’s just really fun to watch.  So I definitely recommend the entire trilogy to all fans of cheesy horror and exploitation.

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    >LOL @ that fried head picture. I love cheesy with mixed gore!


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