The Cabin (2013) Review

The Cabin posterThe Cabin

From director Tommy Faircloth (GENERATION AX) comes a short about a young woman, her new date, and the reason for which we should all avoid cabins. THE CABIN opens on Laura, who receives a concerned call from her friend because she is heading out on a weekend getaway with a man she just recently met on an online dating site. If you’ve ever watched “Dateline”, you know why her friend is worried. But John is a nice guy, so she goes anyway. A now paranoid Laura spends the time up at the cabin on high alert, which is only exacerbated by the strange things she finds around the grounds.

THE CABIN is what one would usually consider a ‘slow burn’, except for the fact that it only runs 30 minutes. It is designed to build tension and mystery until the final climax, which it does very well. There are very few effects as a result, but the one or two that are there are quite convincing. The story isn’t anything new, but that seems like the point. It’s a modern concern that is very familiar, and the lead character is very aware of that. When you don’t really know someone, you never know what lies beyond the first impressions. Either that knowledge creates paranoia, or a necessary caution, which is entirely relative. THE CABIN plays well on that fact. It creates a semi-transparent situation, knowing all well that modern viewers will share the precautions of Laura.

The Cabin 1

Morgan Monnig is Laura, and is far beyond hyper-vigilant. She seems suspicious or confused about something at almost every moment in the short. For the most part it’s appropriate, but there are times where, as a viewer, I was confused about why she was confused. But we do see Laura consistently question herself and wonder if she’s just being paranoid. Jason Vail (GUT) is John, and gives the stronger role of the two. He portrays the semi-weird-but-mostly-nice guy quite well.

The Cabin 2

THE CABIN is a suspenseful short that tells a familiar story well. It’s not immune to the standard micro-budget problems, like sound-engineering that makes it difficult to understand all of the dialogue, but considering it was shot in two days with 4 crew members it’s a well done short that tells a quick story with a good helping of tension.

THE CABIN is currently running the festival circuit, so keep your eyes out for a release or a showing in your area! Find out more on the Horse Creek Productions Facebook page.

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  1. Thanks Jonny for the great review!


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