Kickstart It: The BC Butcher – A Prehistoric Slasher

the bc butcher gangSupport Upcoming Prehistoric Slasher, The BC Butcher

Slashers tend to follow a trend, and it seems to go something like this: college-aged kids do college-aged things; the more unpleasant of the bunch are killed by a human or superhuman killer; the most pure of the bunch fights, generally lives, and moves on to the inevitable sequel. This scenario almost always takes place in “the present” after some backstory is formed. So leave it to 17 year old first-time director Kansas Bowling to throw the genre back a few million years. THE BC BUTCHER looks to take the slasher framework, add the girl-gang exploitation theme, set it in prehistoric times, and throw in a yet undefined ‘monster’. Hell yeah.

Their goal is to raise just over $10,000 to create this truly shoestring-budget exploitative slasher. The film is to be shot entirely on 16mm, which as you can see from the first scene below, gives it more of a classic feel than digital ever could.

THE BC BUTCHER stars Leilani Fideler, Alexis Codding, Colette Stone, Annie Milligan, Lauren Crowell, and is narrated by “A Different World” star Kadeem Hardison.

From the campaign page:

“The B.C. Butcher” is a girl-gang slasher film set in prehistoric times. It is feature length and shot entirely on 16mm color negative film. My name is Kansas Bowling and I am the director. I have loved horror films all my life, and now at age 17, I am directing my own. With a script written by Kenzie Givens and I, a great cast, and a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack provided by The Ugly Kids, the first slasher to ever be set in prehistoric times will be unlike any horror film ever made!

Check out THE BC BUTCHER Indiegogo page, and if you like what you see, support it! Incentives range from thanks and credits on the film to digital downloads, autographs, and even props or a viewing party.

Find out more here: Official Site  |  On Facebook  |  On Twitter


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1 thought on “Kickstart It: The BC Butcher – A Prehistoric Slasher

  1. Thank you so much! -Kansas


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