7th Day (2012) Review

7th Day poster7th Day

Up until this point, Dire Wit Films has been known for PLEASURES OF THE DAMNED and ISLE OF THE DAMNED, complete with bad wigs and worse dubbing. They’ve shown an entirely new side with their most recent release however. 7TH DAY takes a more serious direction, with a little humor thrown in here and there, and plays like the hyper-gory offspring of HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON.

The film opens on a brutal murder, followed by the line “Hi, I’m Allen, and this is what I do”. It then continues the story chiefly narrated by the inner voice of lead character, and serial killer, Allen Dean. It’s not a framework that’s never been done before, but it is something that provides a change of pace from standard slashers or other serial killer films. It also provides a dark sense of humor, though not pervasive or overwhelming, that makes the entire story grim but very enjoyable.

Much like the early German gore films of Olaf Ittenbach (BLACK PAST, THE BURNING MOON), there are flashes of over-the-top gore set throughout the narrative, and they’re all superbly executed. There’s hints of psychosis and perversion from the focal character, but it strangely stays secondary to the very human qualities that he exhibits. Namely, he believes he’s in love with a girl he works with, though she may not entirely reciprocate the feeling. He also befriends a semi-crazy neighbor, and the two go to the bar, hang out and watch TV, or do other things that is typical of two guys. It’s one of the most unsettling facts about a majority of real-life serial killers, and what makes this style of film so effective when done well.

7th day 2

Jason M. Koch, who is among the special effects artists for several upcoming indie horror films like RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH VOLUME 1 and SCIENCE TEAM, directs 7TH DAY. Mark S. Sanders (V/H/S/2) gives a highly convincing performance as Allen, and is supported well by Michael Brecher (WITCH’S BREW) as Bill and Daisy Gibb (JEBEDIAH) as Denise.

7TH DAY has its slow areas where the plot tends to drag just a bit, but overall it does a great job at telling the story of Allen while giving insights into the mind of a disturbed man. It’s a great watch for the gorehound, or for anyone who enjoys serial killer films. Definitely keep your eyes out for this one.

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