Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011) Review

Zombie Ass Toilet of the Dead posterZombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

There’s an easy way to begin this review: all Noboru Iguchi films are an acquired taste, but chances are if you know the director, you know what you’re getting into. That said, ZOMBIE ASS: TOILET OF THE DEAD is even more gross than the rest. Tokyo Shock gives fair warning on the back cover of the DVD with a few review quotes, including the following from Todd Brown’s review:

[blockquote cite=”http://twitchfilm.com/2011/09/fantastic-fest-2011-zombie-ass-review.html”%5DZombie Ass is very much a film made for the hardcore fans.[/blockquote]

That sentence sums it up perfectly. This gross-out takes no measure to hide the director’s fondness for female butts and tendency for immature humor, but gives the fans more of his crazy, hyper-gory horror comedy style. So, if you hated THE MACHINE GIRL, ROBOGEISHA, and MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD, you’d might as well stop here and know that you won’t enjoy this one either. Conversely, fans of those other films will find an even more stomach-churning experience with ZOMBIE ASS.

Toilet of the Dead 1

Four friends take a trip to the woods, and upon finding a parasite in a fish, one of the girls decides to swallow it in the hopes that it will keep her skinny. And who would’ve guessed it, ingesting an unknown parasite proves to be a terrible idea because it turns out to be an alien worm of sorts. While using the outhouse, she is attacked by zombies from the toilet, and no I don’t believe they’re related to the parasite, just shit-covered zombies. The situation gets even further out of control when the group unknowlingly takes refuge in a mad scientist’s house. Take that absurd plot, add a ton of fart jokes, general weirdness, and gross visuals, and you have a Noboru Iguchi movie.

There’s a combination of practical and CGI effects used in this one, as is the norm for Iguchi and special makeup effects supervisor Yoshihiro Nishimura. At times the CGI effects are highly unsatisfying for fans of classic gore, but considering the style that’s not a surprise. The practical effects are gross enough to balance the whole film out and there’s even one hell of a monster to top off the practical side.

Toilet of the Dead 3

Just so we’re clear, I love TOKYO GORE POLICE, THE MACHINE GIRL, HELLDRIVER, and the like. Is ZOMBIE ASS: TOILET OF THE DEAD my favorite Iguchi film? Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s probably more towards the bottom. But still, as has been the theme of this review, the hardcore fans will certainly find something to enjoy. It’s both revolting and amusing. Those who would enjoy this movie probably already know who they are. If you’re not sure, start with one of the more popular Iguchi films.

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