Horror Pack 2 Launches With Severed Limbs and Zombie Dubstep

Horror Pack 2 Banner

We certainly love to support indie horror here, and Horror Packs is a young site looking to combine that goal with supporting charitable causes. Horror Pack 2 launched yesterday with a wild selection of films, music, and even a PC game. You get to name your price for the pack, download all the content, and know that a portion of your purchase is going to a charitable cause. It’s only available for another 28 days, so make sure to jump on the opportunity right away.

There’s some great content in this second pack, including weird 90’s cult sci-fi/horror film COLONY, where a man is contaminated with an experimental liquid that causes his limbs to detach from his body and come to life separately. Check out the press release for some of the other contents, and then head over to Horror Packs to get the pack before it’s over!

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll note that Horror Packs is my own project, but wouldn’t be possible without the talented indie horror artists, filmmakers, and developers that have joined me to make this idea a reality. Its creation stems from the desire to support the people that create all the indie horror that we enjoy, give to several other good causes, and also to give the fans a chance to get their hands on material that they may never even know exists.

If you like what Horror Packs is trying to do, we need your help spreading the word! So please share this with anyone who may want to support good causes and get some indie horror. The more interest it gains, the more awesome packs we can bring to you all in the future!

From the press release:

HORROR PACK 2 is now available with 2 films, 1 short, 3 albums, and a PC game, plus two mystery titles to be announced later. Right now you can name your price for this pack that includes brotherly conflict in BLOOD BROTHERS, a masked maniac in BLOODY PIT OF HORROR, and severed limbs gaining life in COLONY. Also included are albums from electronic acts Ghoulshow and Tommy Creep, plus a release from one man horror punk band The Panic Beats. For the PC gamers, this pack also includes a Desura key for Enola, a fantastic horror adventure game for Windows.

For a minimum price of only $2.00, you can download just under half the pack, and then for a minimum price of $6.00 you can get the whole thing and gain access to the mystery titles as soon as they are unlocked! A majority of your purchase goes directly to the filmmakers and artists, and a hearty chunk goes to support Child’s Play (http://www.childsplaycharity.org/) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (https://www.eff.org/).


Horror Pack 2 Contents

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Horror Pack 2 - Tier 1Horror Pack 2 - Tier 2

3 thoughts on “Horror Pack 2 Launches With Severed Limbs and Zombie Dubstep

  1. Well done, JD! Just ordered mine!


    1. Thanks Brandon! Hope you enjoy it!


  2. Just wanted to let you know that Matt at Midnight Cinephile has posted a nice write-up promoting Horror Packs.

    http://www.midnightcinephile.com/2014/02/horror-packs-2-support-charity-while.html I’m stoked about Colony, which I’m downloading now.


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