Exclusive Interview with Erik C Bloomquist, Writer/Director of Founders Day

Just the other day we showed you the new FOUNDERS DAY concept trailer, and since then we’ve had the chance to chat with writer/director Erik C Bloomquist about his upcoming horror film.


Erik C BloomquistInterview with Erik C Bloomquist

Jonny Dead: What is your ultimate vision for FOUNDERS DAY?

Erik C Bloomquist: We want to create an experience that is highly engaging from start to finish. Something that has a very distinct and exciting mood and energy. Something that makes people think and genuinely thrills them.

Jonny: You’re known right now for your short film MIDNIGHT BREW and for writing LAUNDRY NIGHT. What have you learned from those that you’re taking into the creation of FOUNDERS DAY?

Erik: It all comes down to telling the story in the best and most honest way possible. Throughout Brew and Laundry Night, I learned a lot from some very talented people and grew in my skills as a filmmaker. You also learn how to be flexible and creative in tough situations, which is a skill that is absolutely invaluable on any project – specifically bigger ones like Founders Day.

Jonny: Where do you take your influence from? Are there other films that inspire you?

Erik: I get inspired by locations, funny things I overhear people say, and a ton of other works of art. So many things can serve as a catalyst for the creative process. My eclectic mix of favorite films are ones that I think are really intelligent and a fully satisfying experience. They include Scream, Forrest Gump, (500) Days of Summer, Titanic, Argo, Crash, Sinister, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Dark Knight, Crazy, Stupid Love, Cry_Wolf, Fright Night, and a bunch of others.

Jonny: What is it like working on an elaborate concept trailer before you’ve begun work on the actual film?

Erik: Amazing. Exhausting. Humbling. Like I said earlier, being able to infuse the world of the movie with life is such a fantastic experience. It takes a ton of work, but it was always exhilarating. I’m so grateful to everyone that helped me create this trailer. The point was never to imply what Founders Day might be. It was to show what Founders Day already is. Getting the chance to make that happen was a dream come true.

Jonny: What are you most excited about in the production of FOUNDERS DAY?

Erik: When we were shooting the concept trailer in August 2013, It was incredible to see the world that I had written suddenly come to life on set with the help of some extraordinarily talented individuals. It just made me that much hungrier to shoot the feature. I’m wicked excited to come back firing on all cylinders and to share this story with the cast, creative team, and ultimately the audience. So many people have been saying that they’ve been waiting for a movie like this – that they don’t like horror, but they’re excited for our movie. I cannot wait for them to experience the feature.



Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for future updates on FOUNDERS DAY! Until then, you can watch LAUNDRY NIGHT here.

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