New Blood Sucking Geek Cult Movie Store – Get 25% Off

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Since Jonny Dead’s Trash Box was discontinued about a year ago, I’ve had multiple requests to bring it back. At this time I’m still unable to bring it back, but we’ve still wanted to be able to provide readers with a one-stop shop for hand-picked cult and horror films. So in that spirit, I’m pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated Blood Sucking Geek Cult Movie Store.

The Blood Sucking Geek Cult Movie Store is the place to go for horror and cult films, hand-picked by yours truly from my favorite DVD and Blu-ray distributors. At the moment we only have a small inventory, but will continue to build on it with fresh releases of cult classics. With your help spreading the word, hopefully we can build the ultimate cult niche shop!

We here believe in treating these classics with respect, no matter how terrible they may be by ‘normal’ standards, and thankfully there are distributors that share those values and release uncut, often remastered, versions of some of the greatest trash in film history. So you can peruse our store with the confidence that we will only sell great releases of some of the most entertaining cult films from some of the best distributors in the business. We also believe in seeking out the rare, overlooked, and most obscure movies we can find (a task that cult fans know all too well), so you can count on finding some awesome unknown films here.

To kick things off, and as a thank you to all of our faithful readers, we’re going to offer 25% off of any purchases you make from now through the end of May. In order to receive the discount, use the coupon code WELOVEHORROR. You can use it multiple times from now through May 31st. And please spread the word so your friends can enjoy the horror as well!

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2 thoughts on “New Blood Sucking Geek Cult Movie Store – Get 25% Off

  1. Best of luck with the new venture, JD!


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