Ultimate Gore-a-thon 2014 – Another Splatterific Extravaganza

Ultimate Gore-a-thon 2014 banner

It’s here! The Ultimate Gore-a-thon 2014 is seeing a bit of an early start, so it’s time to get the gore going. Do you remember last year’s Gore-a-thon? It was awesome. And this year we’re seeing a return of many of the sites that were involved last year, plus we’ve added several new faces to the wall to make this, the second annual Gore-a-thon, even gorier than before. So join us for the madness. But as always, please keep your intestines and eyeballs intact, your limbs attached, and your head, uh… capitated?

Consider this article your index to the gore this year, as we will keep a running list of every Gore-a-thon article for you right here. Bookmark it, pin it, like it, or tattoo it on your forehead, just make sure to come back here for new articles every day from now through the 21st!

The Ultimate Gore-a-thon 2014 Index

90’s Horror  –  Website | Facebook
At the Mansion of Madness  –  Website | Facebook
Blood Sucking Geek  –  Website | Facebook
Candy-Coated Razor Blades  –  Website | Facebook
Craft FearWebsite
Disturbing FilmsWebsite | Facebook
The Info Zombie  –  Website | Facebook
Love Horror  –  Website | Facebook
Midnight Cinephile  –  Website | Facebook
Movies at Dog Farm  –  Website | Facebook
Slasher Studios  –  Website | Facebook
Terrorphoria  –  Website | Facebook
Wide Weird World of Cult Films  –  Website | Facebook


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