Creeping Crawling Trailer and Release Date

Just the very words “creeping” and “crawling” are likely to immediately bring bugs to mind for most of us. Or maybe that monster thing from The Creeping Terror. But in this Creeping Crawling trailer it’s quite obvious that this anthology deals with the former. On October 7th, Brain Damage Films will be unleashing this insect-laden horror on DVD and VOD, with plenty of ways to crawl right into your living room. Check out the details below, give the trailer a watch, and get your pesticide ready for the upcoming release.

Creeping Crawling TrailerFrom the press release:

Creeping Crawling is the work of writer/director Jon Russell Cring’s CINEMA REBELLION along with writers Joshua Owens and Tracy Nichole Cring.  The film features three creepy crawly tales starring exotic insects, arachnids, parasites, and reptiles — Oh, and scream queen RAINE BROWN (Torture Chamber, Deer Crossing), America’s Next Top Model contestant LAURA LAFRATE, Anna Shields (Little Bi Peep), and more, as well as music by Super 400, Bear Campo, and Absolute Zero.

The film took home a Best Feature award at the 2013 JamFest Indie Film Festival and the RID segment took Best Screenplay at the 2012 Atlanta Horror Film Festival — But if you don’t trust awards it has reviews to back it up, like (re)Search My Trash’s Mike Haberfelner, who says the movie “gives new, amusing but also fittingly macabre twists and turns to stories that might sound familiar. And add to that a very competent ensemble cast, a directorial effort that knows when to hold back, when less is more, and a light-footed note to the whole thing, and you’ve got a pretty entertaining piece of genre entertainment.”

Synopsis from the press release:

You live with them, you feed them, you fear them. Creeping Crawling is an anthology featuring three tales of terror centered around things that go slither in the night.  Doug and Allison have a paper due and they’re hoping an eccentric entomologist will be the lynch pin to a passing grade.
They get more than they bargained for when Dr. Tarkovsky tells them the story of GRUBBERY and the lengths supermodel Denver will go to in order to keep her figure. Denver’s best friend Ginger introduces her to age old dieting wisdom as her boyfriend Rick witnesses her eaten away by her own vanity.

RID introduces Dori, a beautiful young girl who desperately needs money and poses as a nurse hired to take care of a comatose patient. While staying in the Gothic mansion, she begins to unravel as something feasts upon her while she sleeps.

Dr. Tarkovsky’s final cautionary tale centers around Bailey. In BUGGER, the lonely man navigates love online. He can’t seem to find a woman who shares his six legged obsessions. A co-worker has her doubts about his motives, as a serial killer is at large.

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Creeping Crawling Trailer and Stills


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2 thoughts on “Creeping Crawling Trailer and Release Date

  1. Jon Russell cring October 8, 2014 — 8:40 pm

    I’m the Director. I hope you review it


    1. Hey Jon! Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll make sure to review it as soon as I’m able. Looking forward to seeing it!


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